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It all started one night in Acapulco….shouldn’t all stories start like that?

My friend Derek and I put 200 bucks in our back pocket and created a checklist of challenges (aka a scavenger hunt) that we wanted to accomplish by sunrise.  About five tequila shooters and a shit-ton of adventures later, it ended up being  one of the best nights of my life.  It was fucking magical.  Like unicorn magical.

Since then, I have created scavenger hunts for nights out with friends, when I am traveling or any time I need to get out of my comfort zone.  Which is a lot because just like everyone else, it gets super easy to stay in my pajamas and binge watch Veronica Mars episodes.

Because if you are not willing to challenge yourself, you are not willing to change yourself.

In April of 2014, I launched The Scavenger Hunt of Awesomeness.  An online scavenger hunt to get people offline trying new things and meeting new people.  Within days, I was watching women from around the world embrace life in a new way and learn something beautiful in the process.  That they were fearless.

What started as a scavenger hunt, ended up being a new way of life.   So this group was inspired by those amazing women who looked at that ridiculous scavenger hunt, said “what the hell” and then asked for more.

  • Fear has ruled long enough in my life. What do I mean? Fear of what people think, fear of going to hell for (just about anything), fear of not finding love, fear of not pleasing people enough, fear of being homeless, fear of losing my job, fear of my child dying, fear of not having a man....and the list is endless. This hunt has shown that by conquering fears, like lunch alone by myself, I will survive and grow in the process. Giving into my fear, I lack courage. I want to leave a legacy to my daughter to be fearless. Part of being fearless is being vulnerable.

    Sarah, Denver




  • Genius Calls

    Genius Calls

    From Bonafide Geniuses

    Join me once a month as I interview top coaches giving their super smart advice for kicking fear to the curb and living like you mean it!  Hot damn!

  • Secret Society

    Secret Society

    Members Only (not the jacket)

    Members only facebook community to share stories, pics, videos from challenges and inspire one another on a daily basis. Who doesn’t need that shit?

  • Q & A With Kira

    Q & A With Kira

    Jedi Mind Tricks

    Join Kira for a monthly live call with smart topics plus Q & A to get advice on your frustrations, fears and WTFs? You will literally exclaim “Life makes more sense to me!!”

  • Challenges & Inspirations

    Challenges & Inspirations

    Blow Your Own Mind

    Challenges to push you, questions to make you think and inspirations to keep you going  throughout the week…. all sent to your phone through text.

  • Scavenger Hunts

    Scavenger Hunts

    Kinda like The Goonies!

    Monthly four-day scavenger hunts with fun out of your comfort zone challenges and ridiculous prizes.  Competing against but sharing the amazing with your fellow community.  You will never believe what challenges I will come up with.

  • Online & Offline Events

    Online & Offline Events

    Get The Party Started!

    We are talking about really cool events here.  Just for our secret society. Online dinner and movie nights and champagne chats, as well as, offline meet-ups and hunts.  Just wait and see.

  • Trapper Keeper

    Trapper Keeper

    Your Arsenal of Awesome

    OK, so no you are not getting a Strawberry Shortcake TK in the mail, but the bi-weekly email will be like one.  Filled with audio pep talks,  journal questions,  madlibs, downloads, printables, videos, playlists of my favorite songs and more!  It will feel like a virtual bear hug.

  • Surprises & Giveaways

    Surprises & Giveaways

    You never know what is going to happen

    I am literally seven layers of ridiculous and have TONS of fun ideas that I want to do with this group.  But if I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise.  Just know I may show up in fb with unicorn prizes that need to be given away immediately.

  • One of my biggest takeaways so far is that we can build the life that we want to. Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about what we don't have that we forget to give thanks for what we have and to enjoy life as it is.

    Adriana, Washington DC


Name:  Kira Sabin

Job:  Certified Life Coach specializing in Gen X & Y singles,  Troop Leader of Love on Starttravelinglight.com, College Speaker, HuffPo Blogger, Story Collector, Life Explorer, Seven Layers of Ridiculous and your New Best Friend.

Location:  Madison, WI/The World

Spirit Animal:  Judy Blume

Things I adore: Italy, sushi, all things 80s, green juicing, witty banter, raw oysters, the ocean, my Mac, champagne, When Harry Met Sally, good indie music, really strong coffee, men with yummy accents, Funyuns, Masterpiece Theatre, my cat Leroy and Cheese!

My blog and more shit than you ever needed to know about me is over on Traveling Light.  Hit it.

eyepatch Kira

Meet the Genius

I just so happen to know (and am friends with) really, really smart life coaches.  Meet a few of the geniuses who will be joining us for our once a month genius calls in 2014.  WARNING:  Mind may be blown!!

  • Andrea Owen

    Andrea Owen


    Life coach, ass-kicker and private dancer (not dancer for money:) Andrea Owen, will be sharing her thoughts on How To Check Your Inner Gremlins At the Door To Start Going After the Kick-ass Life You Want. Robot dance lessons also included.

  • Sas Petherick

    Sas Petherick

    Thought Wrangler

    Braniac, Kiwi and Thought Wrangler Sas will be joining us to talk about how to retrain your brain. She will be breaking down How To Change Your Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones and Stop Fucking Over-thinking! Seriously, stop doing that.

  • Rebecca Tracey

    Rebecca Tracey

    Uncaged Traveler

    World traveler, coach and lover of mini ponies, Becca will be telling us How To Travel The World As A Single Woman and her tips of how she did it on a dime. She likes rock climbing, long walks on the beaches of Toronto and rapping bad 90s songs.

  • Kate Courageous

    Kate Courageous

    Courage Whisperer

    Kate Courageous (tell me that isn't a natural League name) is channeling MC Hammer and is pretty much too legit to quit. She will be telling us how to embrace the Pure Pleasure Of Not Knowing...aka how to not freak the fuck out when you don't know how things are going to turn out.

  • Rob Mack

    Rob Mack

    Happiness Ninja

    Coach, author and (let's be honest) overall super hottie Rob will be riffing with me about how to Stop Making Up Stories In Your Head About Your Relationships Because They Are Killing You and Your Chance At Happiness. Literally, he is so smart you will want to make out with him.

  • Amy Smith

    Amy Smith

    Joy Junkie

    Super coach, avid knitter and lover of all things cheese (a woman after my own heart), Amy is laying down some badassery and talking about how People Pleasers Are Fuckin' Liars and why the hell we all need to get real.

  • At a freeway exit, I gave a homeless person a bottle of water... and although it was an act of kindness, it didn't even occur to me to take a picture for the hunt, since that wasn't my original intention. That's when I realized that this scavenger hunt is putting me/us on an energy level that's causing thoughts of kindness... and curiosity, playfulness, etc. Our actions are then supporting that. This seriously rocks. You all rock. Thank you, Kira, for literally changing how we think and act... which affects those that we engage with in such a positive way. Wow.

    Greta, Portland


  • Through this experience, I have learned that the only thing one has to do in life is show up! And be the best possible person you can be because in life, we should strive for progress and not perfection. Also being forced to step out of my comfort zone taught me that you can never fall too hard too fast or too far that you can't get back up and rebuild yourself into a better you!

    Indhira, NYC


Scavenger Hunts? Unicorns? Will I really get something out of this?

Here is the absolute truth.  You get out of this what you put into it.

If you are going to not join in on conversation in the fb group, participate in activities, push yourself to do the challenges then you are not going to get jack shit out of this.  You can grab your boxed wine and bitch to your friends some more about how life and love suck.

If you are ready to try some new things (even with baby steps), get vulnerable in the group, have some fun, meet new people and embrace the shit out of this, you will change your life.  No joke.

This is life changing if you let it be.

I don't live in North America, can I still join?


I want The League to be inspiring others everywhere!  Revolutions are not much fun if they are only one continent.

What if I can't make the calls? Will I miss out? I have FOMO!!


Every call will be created into an mp3 to be downloaded and listened to again and again.  And you will want to listen again:)

If you have a question for me for Q & A and can’t make the call, just email it to me before hand and I will answer it on the call.

What if I start dating someone, will this group still be for me?

Hell yeah, it is.  

This group is not just about dating, it is about you.  

You, feeling great and making yourself more awesome for your future or current significant other.  

They will actually thank you when you are happy, learn new insight and how to be even better in your relationship.  

You will be so excited it will be contagious.  Kind of like crabs.

Oh wait, not quite like that. :)

Why do I have to commit to three or six months?

Because change does not happen overnight, Sugarpants.

I believe in you enough to be bossy and make you commit.  Because there will be days where you are tired or frustrated and not feeling it. That’s ok.  You take a few days off and then remember how amazing it feels to choose to be happy.

To embrace joy in the world.

To push yourself to try new things.

To be surrounded by incredible and supportive people.

To have a life coach at your fingertips to ask advice.

Then find your way back to us.  We will be here ready to ask you were you have been and how we can support you!!

How does this membership/subscribe thingy work?

The League is a membership program.

The length of the membership depends on the plan you signed up for and begins the month you sign-up (except for the pre sign-up, then your membership starts June 1st.)

If you are signed up for a monthly plan, your credit/debit card will be charged the amount of your plan monthly through paypal.

If this is not for me, can I get a refund?

Anyone who joins The League may request a refund for any reason.  

A 100% money back guarantee is available for 14 days from the date of purchase.

Send an email to kira@theleagueofadventuroussingles.comto let me know and I your refund will be issued within 14 business days.

Can guys join?

Definitely!  We all need some support and inspiration.


Have questions?  Want a group discount?  Have a haiku to share?  Want to show me a cat video?  Discuss 80s movies?  Have a silly string fight?  Watch teen movies together?  Walk like an Egyptian?  Drink some champagne?  Play kick ball?  Want to tell me how amazing this is and that we should be best friends?

Contact me here!

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